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  • 2nd day of BU palang to. Sheeet move on din. :D


    Stop stressing me out, feelings. My parents don’t know the real reason why my menstruation came back. Why I’m getting sick. Why I’m losing appetite. Why I feel like I dont know where to get strength. It’s because I’M TOO STRESSED. I’M TOO BROKENHEARTED. And I cant share that brokenheartedness and incompleteness to my parents. Im afraid. :( But now I even hate myself. I hope this menstruation stop now. Give me time to recover. Please, feelings. Please.

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  • I’m still lying in the dark. No sunshine, no sunshine. She cries, this is more than goodbye.

  • It’s just a feeling. Just a feeling that I had. Now it’s over.

  • Today I broke someone’s heart.

    Akala nya siguro hindi ko alam. Na he wants me back. This time I think I have the right. I told him na “No. I wont ever come back to you.” Im giving up on my present boyfriend because it’s just too much to lose myself for loving him. Pero it doesnt  mean naman na papasalo ako sa kanya. Like duh? He, too, ignored my worth back then. And mahal ko ung boyfriend ko. I just have to let go, to atleast save myself. Once a good woman is gone, she’ll be gone forever.

  • Relationships are harder now,

    Because conversations became texting, arguments became phone calls, feelings became subliminal messages online, sex became easy, the word “love” gets used out of context, insecurities have become your way of thinking, getting jealous became a habit, trust has been lost, cheating became an accident, leaving became the only option & being hurt became natural.

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